Crazy Caverns: How one small community challenged a technocrat juggernaut…. and won!

CrazyCaverns – 5.5″ x 8.5″ format  (143 pp.)

This is the story of a grassroots struggle by citizens of a small town against a million dollar government/industry campaign to bury a million tons of radioactive and toxic waste under their downtown waterfront. A disturbing exposé of technocratic hubris, it illustrates the techniques of both the proponents and the group of determined citizens who, refusing to be bribed or manipulated, won that battle.

Crazy Caverns is a must-read for concerned citizens facing proposals for undesirable development in their community.

This book is published under a Creative Commons Share Alike copyright licence: please feel free to share it as widely as you wish.  Just give the author credit and don’t use it for commercial purposes.

If you need help viewing the PDF version posted above, you can download Adobe’s PDF reader for free by clicking here.


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